This is a cute ceramic dish in the shape of the Japanese Islands.

With this dish, you can enjoy drawing the Japanese Islands on your dining table.

It is an abstract Japanese shape.

Hokkaido is cheese.
Honshu is hamburgers?
Udon noodles in Shikoku?
And so on.
You can enjoy drawing Japan on your dining table.

The size is easy to use even when used individually.
Shikoku is perfect for a soy sauce dish.
It is also perfect for the Japanese New Year.

Zipang” means “Japan.
The book, “A Book of Travels in the East,” is a travelogue of Marco Polo’s travels in Asian countries.
In the book, a country that is supposed to be Japan is introduced as “Zipang, the Golden Land.

It is made of Shigaraki ceramic ware.

The size is about 380 mm wide and 280 mm long for the whole of Japan.
It is just the right size for a dining table.

made in Japan Shigaraki ware




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