This is a hot-water bottle made of porcelain.

Ordinary hot water bottles are used by putting them inside a futon, but in the case of a normal hot water bottle, the lid part protrudes as a protrusion.

This hot-water bottle has been designed to be thin and compact and most suitable for human contact. We aimed for a simple form.

If the lid is made of ceramic, the sound of the pottery rubbing against each other would cause discomfort to the user, so the lid is made of aluminum.

Ceramic does not conduct heat as well as metal, so the risk of burns is lower than with metal.
And since the body is made of porcelain, it can be reheated in the microwave by removing the aluminum cap.

It weighs about 2kg when filled with hot water. It has been designed with a groove on the back side to make it easier for women’s small hands to hold and for their thumbs to catch when dumping hot water.

It has a special cover on the outside made of static-resistant material. The fabric is also smooth to the touch and you won’t experience any unpleasant static electricity when it rubs against the blanket in your comforter.

The fabric also retains heat as a fabric.

red dot design award 2015
Design for ASIA Award 2014 / Merit recognition




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