Yoshino cedar luncheon board

High quality Yoshino cedar wood is used for the dining table.

This is a beautiful luncheon board (luncheon mat) made of vertical grained Yoshino cedar.

Yoshino cedar is one of the three most beautiful forests in Japan, and is one of the most expensive brand-name cedar trees in Japan.

It is said that the most expensive wood is cedar and the cheapest wood is also cedar.

This product won an award of excellence in the first “Tool for Living” design competition using Yoshino wood.

This is the first product to be commercialized from this competition.

Originally, I wanted a luncheon board by myself, so I looked for a good one on the market, but

I couldn’t find the ideal one anywhere, so I made it myself.

The 1st “Tool for Living” design competition using Yoshino wood: Excellence Award







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