SUIRIN Lighting wash basin

In Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture, one of the six oldest kilns in Japan, a translucent pottery (Shigaraki Touki) has been developed.

Originally, pottery was impermeable to light, but this clay has the property of allowing light to pass through, even if it is a little thick.

This is a new type of pottery that transmits light.

Using this new clay, which is a patented technology, Souhougama Kiln in Shigaraki has developed a “glowing basin” using this translucent ceramic.

Even in Shigaraki, only Souhougama can make such a big one using this clay.


The design motif of SUIRIN is a whirlpool of light, and a single stroke of a line follows a square outline and falls to the center.

The design is based on a casting process that makes use of changes in wall thickness.

The inside of the washbasin has such an elaborate design with a three-dimensional feel, which has never been seen before.

The casting process makes the inside hollow, and the light from the built-in LED spreads inside the hollow ceramic and illuminates the entire surface.

The wall thickness is not so thin that it is transparent; in fact, it is about 8 mm thick.

The co-starring of light and water seen through the ceramic is a very fresh surprise.





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