Hachimanyama ropeway

This is the renovation of the shop at the foot of the Hachimanyama ropeway.

Because it is a ropeway, the concept was to create a “rope” and “festive” atmosphere, and the fixtures and lighting were designed with a rope in mind.

At the top of Mt. Hachiman, there is a prestigious temple called Zuiryuji.

This station is the starting point for the temple. I place great importance on the image of harmony, and I am particular about the use of solid cedar boards and natural ropes.

The sales floor is designed with a three-dimensional display that is easy to see and easy to navigate. As a result, sales have increased.

The outdoor signage was also renewed from the steel plate signage.
I designed a wooden signboard using red Bengara, which is traditionally used in this area, to add to the landscape.




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