OOBUKU-CHA Japanese tea

I designed the package for Senkien’s Oobuku tea.

Oobuku-cha is a tea that is drunk on New Year’s Day to wish for good health and happiness.

Senkien is known for its crane symbol, so we decided to use a turtle for the design.

I decided to use a tortoise for the design because I felt that having a crane and a tortoise would make the tea more festive.

At first, I tried drawing a figurative turtle, but I thought it would be better if it was abstract, so I abstracted the design.

The hexagonal shape around the word “Oobuku tea” was inspired by the image of a turtle.

When the lid is opened, the crane of Senkien appears on the inside of the lid.

The proportions of the cans were projected onto the bag type as well.





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