Onitsuka Tiger

This is the proposal proposal for Onitsuka Tiger Europe’s exhibition at the Milan Salone.

Here’s a big shoe. If you look closer, you will see that it is a swarm of butterflies. These butterflies are made of Japanese paper.

The Japanese paper has a rich, uneven look and texture of indigo-dyed, persimmon tannin, and kozo. Each of the butterfly designs is a living butterfly in Japan.

If you look closely at the butterflies, you will notice the Onitsuka Tiger brand symbol mark on their wings.

Those butterflies linger on the chest or head of visitors and are taken home.

From this place, the butterflies flap their wings into the streets as lightly as Onitsuka Tiger’s shoes.

The butterfly serves as a communication tool that serves to spread Onitsuka’s identity to the world.

Although the pattern is never the same every time, it represents the richness of the Japanese seasons. 

The shoes, which were once blue, eventually turn bright red, like the autumn leaves of Japan, and finally turn pure white, as if buried in the snow that is slowly falling.

And then the onitsuka logo disappears from these shoes.




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