OIL -canned AYU (Sweet fish)

This is a luxury oil packed small sweetfish (Koayu)  canned food.

There is a fish called Koayu which can be caught only at Lake Biwa which is the biggest lake in Japan.

It’s the sweetfish(Ayu) which becomes big at other rivers, but it doesn’t become big at Lake Biwa.

Koayu is the local food which enjoys a person live in an OHMI area.

It’s the rare fish immersed in oil.

It was decided already to use a gold can in the package design.

I designed the gold sleeve fit to a gold can.

A sleeve of the form designed according to the can fits a can.

The window was opened in the sleeve.

I designeds to see fish inside from a window of the sleeve.

Inside fish was also print on paper, but glossy PP coat was used and an impression of oil was produced.





Design, Graphic