Glass that has been carved round by waves is called sea glass, and similar glass can be found on the shores of Lake Biwa, where the waves rise.
A “Lake Glass Museum” has been established at the east exit of Maibara Station to exhibit them.
I wanted to make it more fun and change the way we look at things to achieve the SDGs and MLGs. 
On the way to Biwaichi, I would like you to go down to the sandy beach of Lake Biwa and look at Lake Biwa by all means.
There you will find garbage and dead creatures. Finding one of the few lakegrasses in such a situation is like a treasure hunt, and it is a fun task.
Here, glass and ceramic pieces with the place where they were collected and the date and time of collection are neatly displayed like specimens.
Through these specimens, you can see Lake Biwa.
We hope you will visit Lake Biwa to collect lake glass.

MLGs x Biwaichi x Maibara Cycle Station
with Rethink Project
Dates: March 10, 2022 – March 31, 2023
Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Free to view, free to participate
Organizer: NPO Gokan Seikatsu
Cooperation: Biwaichi Promotion Office, Shiga Prefecture
   Lake Biwa Conservation and Restoration Division, Lake Biwa Environment Department, Shiga Prefecture
   City Sales Division, City Development and Economic Promotion Bureau, Maibara City
   Local Government Consultation Division, Civic Department, City of Maibara




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