Premium Ayu Gift

This is the highest quality gift item from Ayu Kimura.

Ayu Kimura specializes in freshwater fish from Lake Biwa in the local area of Japan.

Ayu means “sweet fish”.

First of all, this package comes in a paulownia wooden box. In Japan, it has long been a custom to send gifts in a paulownia box.

When you open the package of this wooden box, a blue wave appears there.

This is an image of the waves of Lake Biwa.

Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan.

When you open the wooden box made of paulownia wood, the package reminds you of Lake Biwa, where sweet fish were born and raised.

This wave-shaped paper box is a package of one sweet fish, and it is lined up in a repeated row of five times (five fish) or three times (three fish).

The blue paper box is shaped so that it fits even if it is swapped back and forth.

And inside the paper box of one wave is a fat sweet fish fish in soy sauce. Only large and fat sweet fish are carefully selected for this premium gift.

This is a special package of gifts that tell the story of the sweet fish that grew up in Lake Biwa.

Pentawards 2020 Bronze award.




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