My Works exhibited in “Design Swing Width Exhibition”

Even if the client asks the designer to design, it does not always result in the desired design. The cause may be that there is a gap in common recognition in design. Even with ordinary words, if they recognize each other differently, the design can change drastically.

The “Design Fluctuation Exhibition” is an event where you can experience the design that has changed due to such differences in perception.

This time, we will ask four designers, ahuhlen, Karina Tani, Hiroko Do, and Masahiro Minami to design a package for a new souvenir confectionery in Shiga Prefecture, and exhibit the products.



Inazuma Dacquoise is a lightning bolt. Speaking of lightning, it comes from clouds. So the package is an image of clouds floating in the sky.

I don’t know if it looks like a cloud, but I used a three-dimensional press container. It is made by pressing a piece of paper into a three-dimensional shape.

The lower part is wrapped with mirror-finished silver paper so that the boxes can be stacked.

Metallic is an expression of cloudy weather because the surrounding landscape is reflected and clouds appear to be floating.

When you remove the label on the top lid and open the lid, there is a rumbling and cute thunder in the clouds.


Design swing exhibition

Free admission from October 15th (Friday) to October 17th (Sunday), 2021

October 15: 10: 00-20: 00
October 16: 10: 00-20: 00
October 17: 10: 00-18: 00


Photo:Tetsuya Mukume




Design, Graphic

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