Hikizuri Bell Manju

There is a legendary bell at Miidera Temple in Shiga Prefecture that Benkei threw down.

The bell, which Benkei dragged up the mountain, cried out, “I want to go home.

“Do you want to return to Miidera Temple so badly? Benkei threw the bell in anger.


There is such a bell in the precincts of Miidera Temple, and there is a souvenir of it in the form of a manju.

I redesigned the package and the bookmark.

The shape of the bell is designed on the surface, and the metallic-colored backing paper can be changed according to the flavor inside (Red beans, chestnuts, and cherry blossoms) to change the color of the bell.

Available in packs of 5 or 10, the 10-piece package offers two different flavors.

The dough is made with eggs and honey, without additives and without using any water. The freshly baked dough eaten at the store is also very special.

Please check it out when you visit Miidera Temple.

Available at Restauran Fugetsu (246 Sonjoji-cho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture).





Design, Graphic

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