Nagahama Genpachi Rusk

Nagahama Genpachi Rusk is a delicious rusk that is carefully baked one by one by a baker.

Nagahama Genpachi Rusk is made from bread dough in accordance with each flavor.
We use an abundance of fruit and other ingredients and do not use any flavouring or colouring.

No flavouring or colouring is used.

The single product is packaged in a clear bag with a gold header so that you can see the rusk inside clearly.

The gift box is in the shape of a loaf of bread.

Genpachi’s rusks are made from the best dough for each type of rusk, not from leftover bread.

We designed the gift box to express this fact.

We designed the box so that you can see the bright contents through a large window.




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