Beautiful Biwako Full Body Soap Shampoo & Rinse

“This is a package design for “Beautiful Biwako Full Body Soap Shampoo” and “Beautiful Biwako Rinse.

The wide open sky of Shiga is very beautiful.

When we came up with the package design, we decided to use a strip of paper that reminds us of the surface of Lake Biwa and the sky.

For the shampoo, I chose a morning glow, and for the rinse, a redder sunset.

We wanted to express our intention to leave this beautiful scenery to the future.


In May 1977, Lake Biwa was hit by a foul-smelling “freshwater red tide,” and it was discovered that one of the causes was the phosphorus contained in synthetic detergents. This is the so-called “Lake Biwa Soap Movement.

Soap is 100% naturally decomposed even if it is poured directly into Lake Biwa.

The same applies to this product, which is a shampoo with low environmental impact.

Most of the soap shampoos on the market leave your hair feeling dry after use, and many people are hesitant to use them.

This soap shampoo is made with “Iwafuka water,” deep underground water from Iwama Mountain, and contains essential oils from the Omi Ogoto Herb Garden.

Gentle on the scalp and skin, and not slimy like synthetic shampoos, this product is made with the environment of Lake Biwa in mind.

We developed this product because our hair stylists are our clients and we want to provide and spread really good products.


This product is also supported by Mother Lake Goals, and part of the proceeds will be used to help preserve Lake Biwa.

* “Iwafuka Water” is used as a cleaning ingredient.




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