In recent years, riding a bicycle around Lake Biwa (about 200 km) has become very popular.

In 2017, Japan’s first bike rental station directly connected to the Shinkansen station was opened in the premises of Maibara Station.

I wanted to create a suitable place to send cyclists away, as opposed to a traditional bike parking lot for renting bicycles.

It’s a place where cyclists can relax after returning from a long ride around Lake Biwa.

We designed this little hut to be more than just a place to rent bicycles, but a page in the story of a memorable journey.

Maibara City is a historical town with six post towns. In order to reflect this identity, the hut has been designed with a calm exterior based on cedar wood from Shiga Prefecture.

The office is compact, but the plan is flexible so that it can respond to various situations by using the large station premises.





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