Run the Lake Biwa by bicycle is called Biwaichi.

This is the logo and VI plan that we developed to convey the tourism value of Biwaichi.

The logo is based on a “B” motif and is designed to evoke the shape of Lake Biwa.

The center line represents a road, and the image of a drop handle on a road bike.

The flowing blue gradation expresses the sense of speed of Biwaichi and the scenery of Lake Biwa.

The logotype is designed with a simple shape for high visibility and an original typeface that gives a sense of speed.

The logo can be used not only for bicycling, but also for walking around the lake, or driving or riding a motorcycle around the lake, so that Biwaichi can be widely used.

In addition, the logo design can be stretched out to form two blue lines, which is designed to be easily deployed in various media.

The design can be applied consistently to various media, such as the Biwaichi checkpoints, stickers for achievement, and certificates.


Co-production: Aki Onishi




Design, Graphic