Biwa trout and Ayu in soy sauce

This is a renewal design for canned Biwa trout in water and ayu(sweetfish) in soy sauce.

A photograph of the contents was placed on the lid to show what was inside.

The wrapping paper on the side of the can is an image of a pink fillet of Biwa trout.

For ayu (sweetfish) simmered in soy sauce, the image of soy sauce soaking into the fish is a gold color that is consistent with other Ayu no Kin series products.

We also matched the patterns of the top cover and the side wrapping paper, which required more work, but made the package look three-dimensional.




Design, Graphic

ビワマス, 水煮, 湖魚, 琵琶湖, 琵琶鱒, 缶詰, 醤油煮, 鮎