Azuchi merged with Omihachiman City, but it is famous as a place as a where Azuchi Castle was built by Nobunaga Oda.

NHK’s taiga drama “KIRIN GA KURU” set in the Sengoku period is scheduled to be broadcast.

This mark was devised for branding the Azuchi area with the Sengoku theme.

The design of this symbol is the image of Nobunaga’s kabuto, but also represents the Azuchi mountain.

The initial of Azuchi “A” is hidden on this mark.

A symbol with a large massive feeling is a simple and powerful symbol that is a Japanese image but has excellent visibility from a distance.

AZUCHI’s logo was considered to be the image of Portuguese fashion at the time, inspired by Nobunaga’s southern Barbarians culture.

With a low center of gravity and a heavy design, it has a strong impression of tradition and a modern impression.




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