AYU Hiraki

In Japan, it is common to cut and open fish and eat dried fish.This is called “Himono” means dried fish.

This Himono is made from dried ayu(Sweet fish), Himono

of Ayu is a very rare food in Japan.

The package of the old design was renewed now.

Dried fish is dried fish.Drying reduces moisture, makes the fish less spoiled and increases the taste good.

The traditional way to dry it is in a bamboo colander.

To make it easy to understand, I made the package of gold inspired by a bamboo colander.

Although it is made simply on a flat, it looks like it is knitted in three dimensions. Lift the flat golden brand tag and insert a food pouch into the gap to make a package.

Typically, bamboo colander are round, but round shapes increase the number of small holes in the corners.So I designed it based on triangles to eliminate waste.The result is a better display, lower cost and a more impactful design.


Penatwards 2020 Gold award.




Design, Graphic