As a 78mm brother product, the 220 muddler was born.

I was in charge of brand direction for logos, graphic design and packaging.

As the name suggests, the length is 220mm, so the name is 220.

220mm is a strange muddler that can lighten the mouthfeel by separating unnecessary miscellaneous taste from the drink by stirring the drink at the catalyst processing part at the tip.

In general, young wines (wine that have been harvested in recent years) have high clarity and become turbid and crystallize as they mature.

In this way, young wines may still feel astringent and sour without aging.

If you use 220mm at that time, you can easily drink wine etc. deliciously.

The easy-to-use design with the texture and moderate weight of stainless steel is based on the design of product designer Michio Akita.

Manufactured in Tsubamesanjo, one of Japan’s leading hardware craft towns, it boasts high quality.




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