1/6 fabric

1/6 fabric is a brand of small articles, tenugui (hand towel) and stetecos made of cotton and linen, representing Shiga.

We took charge of the brand direction including naming, logo design, package design and graphic design.

Lake Biwa accounts for 1/6 of Shiga Prefecture.
All residents of Shiga Prefecture are familiar with this figure.

These fibers are made from Koto’s hemp, which grows more comfortable as you use it, and from Takashima’s shredded fabric, which is more uneven.

These two representative fabrics of Shiga have been used in a textile that gives an image of Shiga Prefecture.

The design motifs of the textile are the creatures and scenery of Shiga. The entire process from weaving to merchandising is done in Shiga Prefecture, and we are very particular about “Made in Shiga”.

(Textile design: Takaoka Yen)




Design, Graphic