AYU Hiraki

In Japan, it is common to cut and open fish and eat dried fish.This is called “Himono” means dried fish. This Himono is made from dried ayu(Sweet fish), Himono of Ayu is a very rare food in Japan. The package of the old design was renewed now. Dried fish

Meiji Bridge Amana

Amana is a cafe restaurant  located in Omi Hachiman.   I designed this interior and appearance. The owner is a famous store of Decchi-Yokan. There are many red round motifs in the bright store.   cliant:Watayo construction:Inoue gumi

Nagahama Goen Department store

On February 22nd, 2020, a special event was held at “COCOSHIGA NIHONBAHSI SHOP”, with the theme of Nagahama Forest. With the concept of “I want to connect with you for 5 yen coin.”, we have created a box to hold a five-yen coin. If you put 5

Kouka cardboard box

This is a cardboard box using the two colors of the emblem of the city of Koka, Shiga Prefecture. Because Koka is the home of the Koka Ninjas, the cardboard boxes can be viewed from a certain direction to reveal the city emblem, and the box


A new product from Confectioner Rokubei, this congratulatory confectionery is named after the words "en", "enman", and "manjyu". The design is based on red and white circles, and the package is made up of various circles that look like Santa Claus when opened. The glossy