AXIS web Magazine 2021/02/16

大阪のデザイナー橋本崇秀さんがAXIS webに取り上げられまして南政宏の名前もご紹介いただいています。




Takahide Hashimoto, a designer from Osaka, has been featured on the AXIS web site and my name is also mentioned.

Hashimoto majored in product and interior design at school. While attending school, he applied for various competitions to test his skills, and was selected as a bronze award and excellence award at the Dyson Design Award and a finalist at the Toyama Product Design Competition, and left a result. In addition, he is active in the world outside the university, such as visiting Masahiro Minami, who teaches at the University of Shiga Prefecture, which has abundant awards in competitions, for advice, and giving him a new perspective that he had never had before. He asked for learning, which became his own food and became the current base.