The TSUCHINOCO is a brand of children’s goods which made from reinforced corrugated fibreboard.

The motif of the design is carried out the theme ; the farm village scenery that the TSUCHINOCO is likely to appear.

To a theme“nobody has seen until now”, we challenged development of new playground equipments made from reinforced corrugated fibreboard.

Each of products is the designs at which children are likely to fly, with pleasure assembled by parent and child, and with a novel and pretty view of the world .

TSUCHINOCO is the creature of a phantom that nobody has seen until now. But children will surely find it.

Because, it is since all children are the genius of play.

All art works are directed by Masahiro Minami Design.

01 Bob, a sliding board-tractor
The big toy-tractor is made by combining a sliding board.
Let’s step to the paper tube stairs and slide vigorously.
The paper tube-tire has a big hole which is a tunnel, which kids can enjoy sliding and getting through the sliding board.

02 Rolly, toy-cultivator
This is a ride-on toy, shaped cultivator for kids.
Let’s cultivate your house with a reinforced corrugated fibreboard wheel to clatter.

03 Peter, rocking horse
This is a rocking horse shaped bird, it’s  a shaking bird.
Children have fun with it.

04 Robert, a desk
This is a desk shaped truck for kids.
You can study to sit on the load-carrying tray.
But be careful! This toy-truck doesn’t work.

05 Merry, animal-chair
This is a chair silhouette of the animal.
This is a sturdy chair ,okay for adults to sit.

06 Lincoln, shelf
This is a shelf in the shape of  a horse.
You can put picture books, DVDs, so on .
But don’t ride it, even it’s like a horse.

07 Morley, shelf
This is a shelf shaped a tree.
You can put a lot of stuff such as  picture books.
You put a lot of picture books, then this shelf could be a picture book forest.

08 Prairie, hut for kids
This hut has a post, and you can put away  picture books on a loof.
There is a small hole for imaginary creature , TSUCHINOKO ,to come into the hut.
When you open the window, you can enjoy playing shopkeeper.

09 Rocky, a staghead-hunger
The staghead-hunger is on the wall. You can hang your cap, clothes on it.

10 Nyokki, a partition
This is a partition between a place to play for some kids.
This fence makes kid’s own world. It is wonder.
Designed by Kazuhiro Minami

11 Small stool and table
This is a chair for kids. It is made the emphasis on  a sense of stability.
This is a desk for kids.
You can study, draw a picture so on with your friends.
Designed by Kazuhiro Minami

12 Big stool and table
This is a stool and table for adults.
This is made strongly ,taking advantage of the strength of reinforced corrugated fibreboard.
Designed by Kazuhiro Minami



Copyright(c) Masahiro Minami. All right reserved.