The world’s first translucent ceramic washbowl has been born.

It’s is born by a translucent ceramic.


The translucent ceramic washbowl is an unprecedented product which became possible to be born by combining conservation of electric power and long life LED.

The LED we use is ultrabright, superior to waterproof and non-generation of heat.

We developed it from a base by ourselves and made it possible to light for 70,000 hours (twice the usual LED).


Also, primarily potters are good at producing a big pottery in Shigaraki so that it’s not easy for other producing districts to follow them.

Among them, Souhougama has been producing a long-seller washbowl for TOTO CERA TRADING for 23 years and has high skill and trust.




A translucent ceramic washbowl was born by a translucnet ceramic.

The appearance which shows up with light makes you feel it’s godliness of lotus bloom floating on water.

The shape made the best of different thickness for shadow of light has a deep appearance.

The design with a tense and the shadow reflected by a deep sculpture make you feel as if it is a ceramic jewel.



A translucent ceramic washbowl was born by a translucnet ceramic.

A motif of this design is a spiral of light.

A feature of this design is a line drawn with a single stroke of the brush following an outline of the square and dropping into center.

There is no design that inside of the washbowl is three-dimentional and elaborate design until now.