Pizzly bears

This is a wooden horse for kids whose motif is a polar bear and grizzly bear.

Now, the ice in North Pole is getting small and the polar bears are losing the place where they live by global warming.

This wooden polar bear is falteringly walking on the melting ice. On the other hand, the global warming caused the grizzlies to come up to North Pole to live and hybrid bears between polar bear and grizzly are confirmed there.

The black one is a grizzly and it implies the change of habitat environment by global warming.

Although this incident would typically be perceived as a sad state of environmental affairs, I saw it differently.

I was inspired by this beautiful love story and decided to create ‘Pizzly Bears’ for my daughter.

Pizzly Bears / Polar bear rocker :2008
client:huzi design
Copyright(c) Masahiro Minami. All right reserved.