Pizza Shigaraki


This is the package design for rice flour pizza made from Omi rice. 


This local pizza is made from Omi rice which comes from Shiga, the region in Japan which is famous for rice growing. 

The pizza is hand-made in the shape of oval which makes is perfect to fit in a toaster.


On the outer side of the box there is a window frame made in the shape of a rice seed. To turn over the cut, hook it up and it will get the form of a rice seed.

We chose as a motive the sort of rice which is called Japonica, this kind of rice is a well-known product in Japan for its puffy and elastic structure. 


For the package we used construction dark green paper inside and pure white paper outside. 

On the dark green we made a high chromogenic silver printing.

image-5 image-6 image-7 image-8 image-9image-10

Only on the inner side we made a simple color printing to reduce the costs, so that by turning the package from side to side the beautiful green is seen in the outer white color.

The missing part which matches the upper right part of the rice can be caught when the package is turning. Also, the emblem dog of our shop is hiding inside.



Every single element of this design is useful and it has a wit.


The map of the café and delicious ways of eating our pizza are depicted on the inner side of the box. 

Thus, you can enjoy the insides of the box while eating the pizza.


Besides, by putting the boxes vertically the shop counter space can be saved: many boxes could be placed on a relatively small space.

Also, rather than selling products with a pouched label only, the sense of luxury became more evident.

By using the image of pizza with red ketchup we complemented it by our green package, so that now our pizza looks even more delicious.


UP cafe

This Pizza is made by UP cafe Shigaraki/Balance Co., Ltd.