Oil-canned AYU


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I designed a package of an oil-canned AYU. AYU is a Japanese sweet fish.

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These are small Ayu canned in high quality oil. They are called ‘Koayu’(‘Ko’means ‘small’) and caught only in Lake Biwa,the biggest lake in japan. In other lakes or rivers Ayu usually grow bigger but in Lake Biwa don’t. ‘Koayu’have been familiar as local food to the people in OHMI area. Please try these oil-canned‘Koayu’,rare species. side 《 Designing the package 》 For a package,using a golden can was decided first. So I tried making its sleeve of golden paper board in order to match it. I designed the shape of the sleeve to fit the can and made a window on the sleeve so that you could see inside. Inside you see some Ayu printed on the glossy coated pp paper. It reminds you that they are ‘oiled food’. When you take off the sleeve and open the can, you see the oiled Ayu put neatly side by side. You can eat them easily with an added toothpick. On the back of the package you see a best-before date through the small window cut into the shape of a fish. Recently in japan ‘Cans Bars’have been popular,where you can enjoy alcohol and canned food easily. These oil-canned ‘Koayu’also will be loved there. separate OILAYU_TOP 爪楊枝を引く シートを取出す 缶を開ける 中身上 斜め2個 IMG_7368 IMG_7369 IMG_5903 3 IMG_7113 2 topaward_koayu-3

Oil caned AYU is selected at Topawards Asia 2016.

client:Kimura Suisan Co., ltd. price:¥900(without tax)