I designed a booth to exhibit indirect lighting LEDs “willine” for Cool Kyoto in Akasaka sakasu.

I designed this booth with reinforced corrugated fibreboards to express an identity of Kyoto with beautiful light and shadow.


lattice of light

By using indirect lighting, they light lattices of reinforced corrugated fibreboards.

the space is bit narrow, however it has a certain presence and people can recognize it from far away.

It’s not only how to show products in it, but also how to show an effect of LEDs.

However, the LED is a supporting part, so there are products which should be picked out and lighted in the booth.

Lighting tatami

The motif of this reinforced corrugated fibreboards bench is Japanese tatami.

LEDs are put behind of it and this tatami lights beautifully. Reinforced corrugated fibreboard is enough strong for people to sit.

This tatami allows those attending to have a rest, see products and listen to an explanation.

client:Sunlightec Co,.Ltd.
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