frustum package


This is a concept package design for the ceramic frustum.

The frustum is designed by Keita Hanazawa .

I designed the package for these ceramic cups.


I think this cup designer Keita Hanazawa is a person who sticks to the story.

I feel that many of his designs take great care of the story.

One of his representative works is a paper mold lighting fixture.

For me, his symbol is also this paper mold, so I decided to use it for the package this time.

All the packaging materials are made of recyclable paper, and we used contrasting packaging materials that covered the sharp ceramic inside.

Considering the process of opening, it has a surprising design of what will happen.

img_0709 img_0717 img_0720 img_0721 img_0722 img_0728 img_0738 img_0741 img_0743 img_0745 img_0749 img_0764 img_0771 img_0774

“What will experience change?”

In this event, two or three creators with different experience levels will be asked for the same issues in the six categories of graphics, copywriting, photography, retouching, product, and packaging, and the deliverables will be displayed.

The name of the author is concealed at the venue, and the author can be confirmed on the leaflet distributed.

It is possible to view both after viewing the author first, and viewing the work after confirming the author.

I think that the factors that make the difference beyond the individual differences of creators through different works born from the same issue are “experience values”. 

In addition, the orientation sheet presented to the creators will be released at the venue.

Communication until the mutual understanding of the request is exhibited, making it an event where you can experience the experience of the client side.


Date: October 11 (Fri)-13 (Sun), 2019 
Venue: Gallery Uemachi 543-0021 5-16 Higashitakatsucho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 
Time: 11th… 11: 00-20: 00 
12th… 11: 00-18: 00 
13th… 11: 00-17: 00 
Fee: Free entry WEB: 
Organizer: Takahide Hashimoto Design