EF66-2000  Experimental model concept The succeeding vehicle of a Japanese historical electric locomotive concept.

EF66 was born as an electric locomotive only for a high-speed freight train, and was called the strongest electric locomotive with JNR.Manufacture of the mass production train started in 1968. By the peculiar front design, it was very popular those days. EF66 became the most popular with the sleeper train and made the golden age of the electric locomotive in Japan. Then, EF66-100 fee collector’s stand which JR Freight manufactured, EF200, and EF210 became the leading role of the freight train. This time, EF66-2000 was born as an experimental model of the intelligent newest electric locomotive which inherited DNA of EF66 and carries a powerful output. This has an output equivalent to EF66 of 3,900 kW, and it has a VVVF inverter. At present, only one train is manufactured in 2014. The electrified section of JR has a direct current and exchange. The electric locomotive train manufactured for the direct current is a direct-current electric locomotive. Although the direct-current machine is fundamentally based on blue except for the part, this serves as a gray body color for the experimental model. Weight is 100.13 t and gauges of a track are 1,067 mm and the direct current 1,500V.