chonmage youkan

In this case, “gifts” often refer to apologetic peace offerings that husbands bring home to their wives after late soirees of boozing.

To define the terminology, chonmage is a topknot of hair, one of the most significant ornaments of the samurai and represents honor and esteem.

However, the cut-off chonmage, used as a motif in the images above, reflects the downfall of the old samurai and the absence of the pride and honor that supported him.

Youkan is like sweet bean jello and is popular as a choice for gift giving.

Combine the two and you have an apologetic gift that represents the submissive retraction of honor, an act that is sure to smooth the nerves of any enraged wife.

chonmage youkan:2009
Tokyo Midtown Award 2009 / Grand Prix Award
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