Butterfly from Japan

There is a big shoe here.

If you get close to it, you can recognize that it consists of a lot of butterflies.

These butterflies are made of Japanese paper which have various expressions and flavors of uneven indigo,

astringency and paper mulberry.

The design of butterflies comes from Japanese ones and you can see a symbol of Onitsuka Tiger on them.

The butterflies perch on heart and mind of attendance and they take the butterflies home.

From here, the butterflies lightly fly to cities like shoes of Onitsuka Tiger.

The butterflies work as a communication tool which spreads the identity of Onitsuka Tiger to all over the world.

Instead of the butterflies which left from this shoe, new butterflies are set on this shoe.

This big shoe keeps changing dynamically and it never stays same, but this expresses Japanese wealthy seasons.

There are wonderful change of seasons and rich natural environment in Japan.

In course of time, the blue shoe starts changing into red like Japanese colored leaves in fall.

Finally, it becomes pure white like snow which fells steadily and silently and the symbol of Onitsuka Tiger disappears from here.

In other words, the disappeared identity moved into everyone’s mind.


Time Line

The world is dynamic and it never shows the same expression.

This shoe doesn’t run, but the world run through this shoe.


Japanese paper which is dyed with indigo.

Indigo is a symbol color of Japan and it’s called “Japan blue”.

Japanese indigo is made from tinctoria which belongs to Polygonaceae in a long process.

The fiber of Japanese paper gets firmer by dyeing it with this precious indigo and it brings effects of deodorant and mothballs.


Japanese paper which is daubed with persimmon tannin.

This is Japanese paper on which persimmon tannin and fermented mature natural paint which is made from blue persimmon tannin are daubed carefully.

The Japanese paper gets firm by painting persimmon tannin which contains much tannin and it brings effects of deodorant and mothballs.

Also, the simple color of persimmon tannin is called “dyeing of sun” and the more it’s illuminated, the more the color changes as time goes by.


Japanese paper which is made of paper mulberry.

A paper mulberry is a traditional Japanese plant which belongs to Moraceae.

It has been used as one of the material for Japanese paper like mitsumata plant which is used for Japanese paper money and Diplomorpha sikokiana which has been used for paper manufacturing since Nara period. Especially, the fiber of paper mulberry is three times longer than mitsumata plant and the baked paper is very tough.

This Japanese paper is not only tough but also refined and aesthetic.



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