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Design is the main part of Nimio’s work and a designer that inspires us in many ways is Masahiro Minami. As young as prolific, this designer, born in Osaka, is incredibly talented and has won prestigious awards. His designs have the essence of the Japanese spirit: linear, exact but also dreamy and magical.
I show you some pictures of his work, furniture for adults and children, including PIZZLY BEARS, a wooden horse, a polar bear and a grizzly bear, playing with textures and colours of the material. He created it for his daughter Hana. It is an object that completely fascinates me.
SUMICA, the extraordinary kitchen for children, it is designed by Michiko Eguchi, a young Masahiro Minami student.
I invite you to discover the rest of his work, like the drawer PRESENT, PAST AND FUTURE: beautiful! 
This versatile designer has pieces in all kinds of materials with products really amazing, made in wood, cardboard or ceramic.