My works “Pizzly Bears” was published at  JUST KIDDING!. (Publisher:Victionary) pp.064-065

Just Kidding!

240 pages 
185 x 235mm 
Released: July 2013
English edition

Full colour throughout
Hard cover
ISBN 978-988-19439-6-5
Price: US$40.00

A to Z Designs for Kids and Kidults
Edited by Victionary
Play is essential to all. Stimulating and amusing at once, it encourages participants to open up and learn, burying themselves in the joy of social interaction and dreams.

Collecting about 100 designs and art projects infused with the essence of play, Just Kidding!presents a broad spectrum of thoughtful and creative approaches that talk to a growing child, add precious moments to a child’s growth and aspire to redefine a grown person’s life. Inspired by or aimed for children, the creations span from toys, home accessories, lighting, footwear, photography, artwork, playgrounds to architecture brought about by brilliant names like Jean Jullien (UK), Héctor Serrano (UK), SNURK (NL), Kobi Levi Footwear Art (IL+UK), cunicode(ES), Damien Poulain (UK), MONSTRUM (DK) and Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam (CA).


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