The 1st “Hiroshima BOX · Creative Cafe”

The 1st “Hiroshima BOX · Creative Café”

~ Made in · Hiroshima Gallery Exhibition company exchange with creators ~

Last May, at “Hiroshima Box ~ Maid in Hiroshima Gallery ~” exhibiting Hiroshima prefecture products opened at the Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Industrial Center West Exhibition Hall, exhibition of “Traditional craft goods · Miscellaneous goods related” It is the place where the exhibition of 4 times a year has gone through. The Foundation holds the “Hiroshima BOX · Creative Café” where exhibitors and designers and creators in the prefecture interact with each other in order to improve the brand power of products in the prefecture and collaborate with exhibitors and designers in the prefecture · I would like to promote innovation creation through exchange with creators.

“Traditional crafts” currently exhibited at Hiroshima BOX is the origin of Hiroshima’s manufacturing technology, it is also an issue for the entire region to continue and develop it as an industry of the area inheriting its traditional craft technique . From this point of view, I would like to introduce various collaboration efforts etc. at the site of the local industry inside and outside the prefecture and wishfully to be an opportunity for future new collaboration through mutual exchange, “1st Hiroshima BOX · creative Café “will be held.


1, Date: Monday, February 27, Heisei 15: 00-17: 30

2, Place: Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Industrial Center West Exhibition Hall 1st floor Be “in front of Hiroshima BOX”

3, Attendant: Participants in the exhibition company (Phase 1 to Phase 4) Designers / creators living in the prefecture

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